Friday, November 11, 2016

CHBA’s Commitment to Improving the Hispanic Community

To our members, friends, colleagues, and family:

After a difficult and divisive election, many of us have received numerous calls and messages over the past few days expressing fear, despair, and uncertainty. 

This is not a time to succumb to these feelings; it is time to come together and act to protect our families and our community. The CHBA remains energized and committed to having our voices heard.  We promote religious tolerance, compassionate immigration policies, women's rights, acceptance and support for other countries and cultures different than our own, protection of our natural resources, care for the sick, and justice for all.  These are our common goals.

The CHBA will continue to demand fairness and equality from our elected officials, and require a dialogue rooted in honesty and integrity.

While this election's rhetoric does not provide our country with the comfort, inspiration, or hope we as a people deserve from our elected officials, it does make our commitments even more important, urgent, and compelling.

To that end, the CHBA will continue to work diligently to educate our community. The CHBA will continue to meet and mentor our Hispanic youth from grade school to law school and into their legal careers. The CHBA will continue to fight for the expansion of Hispanic attorneys, Hispanic judges and Hispanics serving on boards and commissions, both locally and nationally. We will continue to strengthen our public service programs, such as our pro bono representation and Spanish-speaking lawyer services. The CHBA will continue to take leadership roles on local boards, committees, and nonprofits. The CHBA will actively pursue leadership opportunities, in Colorado and beyond. Finally, we will, as always, promote compassionate, fair, and comprehensive immigration reform.

The CHBA is here to serve our Latino/a community, and we will do so with the unrelenting dedication of our members and Board.  We stand with you.

Arnulfo D Hern√°ndez

President of the CHBA

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